On a personal level, I have core values and beliefs that not only drive my life, but also my business and client choices.  I believe in creating a more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable world. We all need to simplify our lives to help better enjoy the amazing natural world around us. We need to  shift our thinking to help preserve and protect the planet we all love so much. At the same time, we must invest time, money, and energy into our communities, both locally and globally, to improve lives of the people and places around us. I continue to be optimistic and inspired by the passion, ingenuity, and resiliency of human nature, as well as the natural world itself. Whatever your passion, find a local, national, or global cause you can help support.

I also truly LOVE my local community – from amazing neighbors for miles around on our gravel road, to the small town of Banks where my children learn and play. I am active in coaching and leading youth sports (basketball, soccer, baseball, cross country and track), volunteering, and working with many local businesses, organizations and events. Keep it local, and get involved.

One Percent For the Planet

1% For the PlanetI’ve been a personal business member of 1% for the Planet since 2006, having personally and as a family donated well over $80,000 to causes and non-profits I believe in. Honestly, I’ve given a lot more than that through other local donations and fundraisers, sports team sponsorships, and more, but it’s really about the idea and commitment of giving that matters, not the $ or %.

Just a few of the 1% organizations I have supported through the years are listed below, check them out for more info.